Service Charges

Sr no. Particulars Effective Date w.e.f 1st August 2023
1. Cheque Book
a. Cheque Book Charges
Saving For SB Account
No charges for first cheque book of 30 leaves.
For issue of 2nd cheque book onward Rs.3/- per leaf
For Premier SB Account
No charges for first four cheque book of 30 leaves.
For issue of 5th cheque book onward Rs.1/- per leaf
CD/CC/OD For CD/CC/OD Account
Rs.4/- per cheque leaf
For Premier CD Account
No charges for first three cheque book of 30 leaves.
For issue of 4th cheque book onward Rs.1.50/- per leaf
b. Unused Cheque leaves Charges at the time of closure of a/c Rs.4/- per leaf
c. Cheque Return Charges
i. Inward Return Saving: Rs.300/- per cheque (+2 days interest @ 14.50 %)
CD/CC/OD Rs.500/- per cheque (+2 days interest @14.50%)
ii. Outward Return Saving: Rs.200/- per cheque
CD/CC/OD Rs.300/- per cheque
iii. ECS return (Debit) Saving: Rs.60/- per instance
CD/CC/OD Rs.250/- per instance
iv. High Value Return (Rs 10.00 lakh and above)
(Inward/Outward Return)
Rs.500/- per instrument
d. Pay Order/HDFC at par cheque charges
For Bank's Customer Rs.3/- per thousand
Minimum Rs.25/- & Maximum Rs.2,000/-
For Non-Customer Rs.5/- per thousand
Maximum amount Rs.20,000/-
e. Pay Order/HDFC cheque cancellation Issuing Bank's charge + Rs.100/-
2. Duplicate Statement
a. Duplicate Pass Book Charges Rs.50/-
b. Duplicate Statement
Current Account Rs.75/- per page
Balance Certificate Rs.75/- per certificate
SB Account Statment Rs.50/- per page
c. Duplicate Term Deposit Receipt /Share Certificate Rs.50/- per receipt/Share Certificate
d. Duplicate Payorder /Bankers Cheque
For Duplicate Rs. 100/- + other Bank's charges
For Revalidation Rs. 50/- + other Bank's charges
e. Duplicate Interest Certificate /Certificate for claiming exemption for repayment of interest/principle amount towards housing loan Rs.100/- per certificate
f. Photocopy of the paid cheque / record copy of the cheques Rs.150/- above 1 year record per instrument
Rs.100/- below 1 year record per instrument
3. Stop Payment
a. Saving Rs.250/- per cheque / Maximum Rs.1,000/-
b. CD/CC/OD Rs.400/- per cheque / Maximum Rs.2,500/-
4. Ledger Folio Charges
Ledger Folio Charges (Half Yearly)

Rs.50/- per folio of statement
For Premier CD Account NIL
5. Minimum Balance to be maintained in Accounts
a. Saving A/c Without cheque book Rs.100/-
With Cheque Book Rs.500/-
b. C/D A/c With cheque book Rs.2000/-
6. Charges for Non maintenance of Minimum Balance
Current A/c Rs.200/- per month
7. A/c Closure Charges ( within 1 year)
a. Saving Without cheque book facility Rs.200/-
With cheque book facility Rs. 300/-
b. CD/CC/OD Rs. 1000/-
8. Service charges for Inoperative Accounts (2 Years & Above)
a. Saving Rs.100/- p.a.
b. CD Rs.250/- p.a.
9. Cash Handling Charges
a. Current Account / Cash Credit Account / Overdraft Account Rs.10 per 100 pieces of notes deposited
(No Charges for 200 pieces of any denomination)
b. Saving account Rs.5 per 100 pieces of notes deposited
(No Charges for 200 pieces of any denomination)
c. Premier CD account Rs.10 per 100 pieces of notes deposited
(No Charges for total 700 pieces of any denomination)
d. Premier SB account Rs.5 per 100 pieces of notes deposited
(No Charges for total 500 pieces of any denomination)
10. Customers Signature/Photo verification Charges
a. Saving Rs.50/- per verification
b. CD Rs.100/- per verification
11. Duplicate ATM Card due to loss or customers fault
Reissue of new card Rs.150/- per card
Card Maintenance Charges Rs.250/- per card
12. Loss of Token
Per Tocken charge Rs.100/- per token
13. Commission on Issuance of Bank Guarantee/ Letter of Credit
VVSB Bank Guarantee
a. Fully secured by 100% Deposit 1% p.a. of the guarantee amount OR Minimum Rs.200/-
b. Partly Secured by 50% Deposit & 50% other Collateral Security 1.00% p.a. on amount fully secured by deposit &
2.00% p.a. on the amount secured by collateral security.
Minimum Rs.500/- & Maximum Rs. 5,00,000/-
Other than VVSB Actual commission of issuing Bank plus 1.00% p.a of the guarantee amount
14. Stock statement non submission charges/Delay in submission
Rs.200/- per lac per month
Min - Rs.200/- & Max - Rs.1,000/-
15. Inspection of Stock / Book-debts / Factory plant & machinery, vehicle, etc.
Charges leived i)Rs.100/- For limit upto Rs.1.00 lac + actual expenses incurred
ii) Rs.200/- For limit between Rs.1.00 lac to
Rs.5.00 lacs + actual expenses incurred
iii)Rs.300/- For limit between Rs.5.00 lac to
Rs. 10.00 lacs + actual expenses incurred
iv) Rs.500/- For limit above Rs.10.00 lac + actual expenses incurred
16. Loan Charges
a. Loan Application Rs.100/- per form
b. Loan Notice Charges
i. 1st Notice (Borrower) Rs.200/-
ii. 2nd Notice (Borrower with Guarantors) Rs.500/-
iii. Personal Visit Rs.500/-
17. Fixing Banks name plate on mortgage property / hypothecated machinery / vehicle
Charges: Rs.500/-
18. IMPS Service Charges
a. Quick Money Transfer (IMPS Branch Banking) Rs.5/- per transaction
b. IMPS Mobile Banking Rs.2/- per transaction
19. ACH Mandate Verifications
a. All Saving A/c Prod. Rs.50/-
b. All Current & CC/OD Prod. Rs.100/-
20. Inward Cheques / Bills for Collection
Amount Charged i)Commission Rs.5/- per thousand OR Part thereof.
ii)Minimum Rs.50/- Maximum Rs.5000/-
Special Note: Postage/Courier charges of Rs.50/- to be recovered extra.
Special Note: Postage/Courier charges of Rs.50/- to be recovered extra.
21. Creation of Equitable Mortgage / Registered Mortgage
Charged Leived 0.05% of loan amount Maximum Rs.5000/-
Note : In case of Equitable Mortgage charges to be shared equally by Borivali or Thane Branch & rest of the other branches
22. Takeover Charges
Percentage charged 5.00% - Upto 2 Years
3.00% - above 2 Years
23. Safe Deposit Locker Annual Charges
a. Small "A" Rs. 1,200/- p.a
b. Medium "B" Rs. 2,400/- p.a
c. Big "C" Rs. 3,900/- p.a
d. Extra Big "D" Rs. 4,500/- p.a
e. Special Size "E" Rs. 5,100/- p.a
SB premier Account 25% waiver of locker charges.
24. Break Open of Locker
a. Due to loss of key by customer Actual cost + Rs.750/-
b. Due to Non-payment of locker rent Actual cost + Rs.1000/-
25. RTGS Charges
a. Inward Transactions NIL
b. Outward Transactions
ii) Rs. 2.00 Lakh to Rs. 5.00 Lakh Rs. 10/-
iii) Above Rs. 5.00 lakhs Rs. 25/-
26. NEFT Charges
a. Inward Transactions NIL
b. Outward Transactions
i) Upto Rs. 10,000/- NIL
ii) Above Rs. 10,000/- upto Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 5/-
iii) Above Rs. 1.00 lakhs upto Rs. 2.00 lakhs Rs. 10/-
iv) Above Rs. 2.00 lakhs Rs. 10/-
27. SMS Alert Charges
a. Saving Account Rs. 15/- per quarter
b. CD Rs. 50/- per quarter
c. CC/OD Rs. 50/- per quarter
Note: *GST Applicable on all above charges.
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